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Rules ScriptzNull Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nullz, Jan 30, 2017.

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  1. Nullz

    Nullz Mecho Network Co/Owner Staff Member SITE ADMINISTRATOR

    General ScriptzNull community rules

    This is an ENGLISH ONLY forum. We have a friendly and respectful tone. Aggressive, abusive, violent, radical, racist, discriminatory and otherwise offensive comments are not tolerated. They are strictly prohibited in threads and profile posts as well as avatars and signatures. Every user has to follow the forum rules. When you have an unsolvable problem with another user, you can (in exceptional cases) contact a super moderator or administrator who will try to help to the best of their ability. Generally you should be able to clear your differences and disputes alone. Registration itself does not have any legal consequences, since there are also normal talk areas.

    2.) Accounts, usernames & avatars:
    Every user is allowed to have only one account. Any violation of the forum rules will be punished. We decide, depending on the incident on the punishment given! User names and avatars must be chosen in a way they can't be understood in any way to be offensive / racist or violate other good manners. User names referring to domains are not allowed.

    Do not send a PM to Staff Members if you have problem with any scripts on this forum, please create a thread in the Helpdesk section. Someone will help you solve it.

    3.1) All scripts posted on the forums may not be supported by the uploader as a lot of the content is leeched from other sources and some uploaders offer a variety of content and may not be familiar with the shares they make.

    4.) Only send a PM to Administrator if you have issue with your account.

    5.) With Premium Resources, we don't give refunds. All sales are final, so review it carefully before purchasing it. All scripts in this section are working normally because they are tested before being uploaded.

    6.) When you upgrade to VIP, VIP+, VIP Monthly, or Super VIP Yearly & Master VIP if you want to downgrade to member, please send PM to an Administrator and we will downgrade without refund.

    7.) Post count to Download:
    You must have 5 "INDIVIDUAL" posts to see download links (Duplicate threads or posts will be deleted, combined or locked.)

    7.1) Postings:
    Make sure your contribution makes sense and fits to the topic (explain your opinion).
    Spontaneous emotional outbursts often seem confusing. Because of that, think first, then write, read it again and then respond. Any kind of spam is prohibited.
    Please use the quote function meaningful. Quote only the parts to which your contribution relates (no fullquotes of long texts).
    "Wannabe moderation" is not wanted.
    Thx or thank you posts are prohibited. If you really want to thank somebody, use the like button.
    Links containing Ref-IDs (clickgames etc.) are not wanted.

    *Definition Spam

    • Among spam too short, repetitive, unfounded (meaningless) and off topic/question to the most suitable answers.
    • Repetitions of already existing answers, unnecessary thanks, empty phrases without justification/proof review announcements and general "Bullshit".
    • Thx / thank you
    • That's what I've been looking for
    • Cool
    • Update
    • Upload new version
    • Works fine
    Or small talk that doesn't fit to the topic.

    7.2) Postings in threads and profiles:
    We reserves the right to delete, move or edit any content that is does not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author.
    The forum language is english. Correct spelling and punctuation is desired. Continuous lowercase is allowed, the excessive use of dialects should be avoided.

    Topics and postings:
    Sometimes it's better to open a new topic, than refreshing a very old one.
    Threads, which are only used to raise your post count are not wanted and will be removed (except in the talk sections).
    Topics and posts can only be edited for 30 minutes before they are locked, so better look twice if everything is alright.

    7.4) Topics (threads):
    Create your topic in the matching forum. Avoid creating several threads for the same topic in different sections.
    Choose a descriptive and meaningful title. Don't use ASCII characters and renounce the excessive use of punctuation.
    Describe your request as accurately as possible. See also see the instructions that are stickied in some areas for additional rules.
    Topic bumping (or pushing) is only allowed every 24 hours. The pushing of other users topics is prohibited.
    Avoid pushing topics which are older than 4 weeks (or 1 week in the news section) with unnecessary comments.

    Posting Guide:

    You're a Guest, you don't have permission to view links. Please Register or Login to view this link.

    7.5) Virus Scan and link:
    Do not include viruses, malware, spyware or shell on scripts on content you share. Also check on

    You're a Guest, you don't have permission to view links. Please Register or Login to view this link.

    before uploading files and attach the link with the results as example picture below shows.


    7.6) uploading files:
    If you are uploading files to a thread please post files ONLY in rar or zip format. Promoting other forums or websites isn't allowed in the forum and or resources section including scripts that make you signup and activate a license to use on another website and or fourm. Threads can not contain a referral link or will be instantly deleted (a warning will be given to the offending user as well). This counts for monetization links and/or URL shorteners as well except for

    You're a Guest, you don't have permission to view links. Please Register or Login to view this link.


    8.) Resources:
    All resources are reviewed by a team member before publication.
    Links have to be added to the matching category.
    Promoting other forums or websites isn't allowed in the forum and or resources section including scripts that make you signup and activate a license to use on another website and or forum.

    8.1) ANY XenForo, VB, Magneto & others can be uploaded on Resource pages in the correct categories.

    9.) Infringements:
    Anyone who violates the rules gets a warning. Should this occur repeatedly it can draw a temporary or permanent ban from the community.
    The warnings are issued by the moderators and administrators.
    Should a user feel unfairly treated, they can discuss this with the next highest point (Global moderator OR Administrator).
    The team reserves the right to punish based on individual cases and things that may not be listed in the rules.
    Users which permanently stir up trouble, provoke or undermine the authority of the team are banned directly.

    10.) Signatures:
    Allowed is one image with the max size of 468px*60px.
    Max file size can be up to 200kb.
    Downloads are not allowed in signatures.
    Web Logos are not allowed in signatures.
    Spoilers are also not allowed.
    These rules apply only to regular users, not for staff members.
    Signatures that are violating the rules will be deleted.
    Repeat violations can draw a temporary or permanent ban from the community.

    11.) SN Team:
    We respectfully ask that you always follow the instructions of the team.
    Decisions made by the team/individual staff members are non-negotiable.
    Each team member has the right to close/delete topics or replies that violate the rules or disturb the general peace of the community.

    12.) Flooding chat room with text is forbidden

    12.1) Requests are only to be made in the Request area, Any requests made in other areas including but not limited to, Helpdesk, General Discussion or Chat will be removed and can result in a warning if persistent

    13.) We do NOT Allow selling scripts for real money. All scripts are sold using credits so people can earn credits by being active not to make money off them this also helps keep the community active and thriving.
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